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Professional Accountancy

Ready to start your journey towards gaining a professional qualification? Open up a world of possibility with courses from a multi-award-winning, accredited Training Provider.

Academic Qualifications

Gain a university degree as you study with our unique embedded international university pathway programmes.

Professional Skills Courses

Build your skillset and skills library from a range of courses designed to support accountancy programmes and professional development.

Virtual Internships

We proudly offer virtual internships, a revolutionary opportunity that guarantees internships for every student in less than six weeks.

Why choose IFG Professional?

Employability Skills

In today’s competitive workplace, employers are looking for candidates with more than just professional qualifications. Therefore, in additional to ACCA & CIMA courses we offer a unique package of employability skills courses that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Higher Education Pathway

Completing your accountancy qualifications with IFG Professional gives you the opportunity to continue your studies at university level. We offer a variety of UK undergraduate and postgraduate accountancy pathway options, with exemptions for our students, depending on the papers they have already completed.

Designed for International Students

IFG Professional is part of International Foundation Group (IFG), an education company focused on delivering high quality programmes to international students. Therefore, we understand the unique needs of international students and our employability skills courses have been designed with this in mind.

Local Support

We understand the benefits of online study and support but also realise that sometimes a face-to face meeting can be really helpful. So, in addition to our online Knowledge hub we offer face-to-face support with drop-in sessions and tutorials. This local support is available in Abuja, Nigeria and Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE – with more local support centres coming soon.


At IFG Professional we understand that accountancy professionals have busy lives. Our offer is designed with clear entry and exit points allowing you the flexibility to fit your study around your life and career goals. With IFG Professional you can enter at a level that suits you and return at a later date during your accountancy career.

Access to Virtual Internships

We have partnered with Virtual Internships, whose platform creates intelligent matches between our professional accountancy students and innovative companies around the world to increase student employability. 100% guarantee of a placement.

Professional Accountancy Study Packages

IFG Direct

Stand-alone ACCA courses

Stand-alone CIMA courses

Stand-alone Skills courses

Manageable & Affordable

IFG Premium

ACCA Bundle

CIMA Bundle

Inclusive Skills courses

Extra specialist Skills courses

IFG Complete

3x Applied Skills Qualifcations

6x Applied Knowledge Qualifications

4x Strategic Professional Qualifications

10x Professional Skills Courses

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Advice for Students

Break the mountain into smaller stages

The first thing you need to do is make a plan that breaks the journey down into stages.

We’d advise you to try and take one exam per sitting. However, we know that some people will want to try and finish a little quicker. Whereas others will need to take a break every now and then.

The important thing is to be realistic about what you can achieve and how you’ll fit it in around the rest of your life.

When you start studying ACCA, you know that it’s going to be a big commitment. With 13 papers to complete, even if you sit a paper every quarter, it’s going to take over three years to qualify.

Choose the route that's right for you (choosing your papers)

When you map out your study plan, our advice would always be to start with the papers that you’re most familiar with.

If there are subjects that correlate to your role at work, this is a good place to start.

By choosing papers that you feel more comfortable with, you’re more likely to see success which builds confidence for what is yet to come.

Get your tactics right

For each paper, make a clear plan on how you’re going to tackle it.

As well as studying the subject, make sure you plan time to practice using your knowledge in the run-up to the exam. Practice questions are a key part of planning for success, as this is a great way to make sure the information you’ve learned really sinks in.


Where can I find advice about getting started with accountancy training?

For advice on how to get started with your accountancy training and different study options, please contact our local customer services team who are trained and available to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Where can I find course information and pricing?

To find course information & prices, please visit our ‘Courses’ page on our website or contact our customer services team on

Does my course include the exam fee?

ACCA and CIMA courses do not include exam fees. You have the flexibility of booking and paying for your exam at a centre that is conveniently located to you.

What's the difference between a chartered accountant and a management accountant?

Management accountants manage the accounting of finance in a company, whereas chartered accountants give financial reports on a company. The fundamental difference is, a chartered accountant works externally (is a freelancer, or contractor, for example) whereas a management accountant is based within an organisation.

IFG Professional is a new name to me. How long have you been providing ACCA and CIMA courses?

Our decision to partner First Intuition was based on their experience in teaching and designing courses for ACCA and CIMA students for 16 years. We wanted a partner who could offer our students world-class online courses, designed for international students and delivered through our local centre

Are your online courses complete courses?

All our courses come from First Intuition UK and include everything you need to pass your exam. Complete with full lecture coverage of the syllabus, our courses are designed in a structured and intuitive way and include extensive question practice from the start. What’s more, all our courses contain an integrated CBE test platform that replicates the real exam environment.

Do you include a CBE test platform in all courses?

Yes. We know from our own learning data that to successfully pass your exams and achieve high grades, students need to prepare for their online exams in an appropriate test environment that replicates the real exam. All our courses come from First Intuition in the UK and include integrated CBE test platforms.

Do your courses provide full syllabus coverage?

Yes. All our courses provide complete syllabus coverage through the recorded lectures from FI UK tutors. FI’s Course Notes accompany the lectures, providing the same full syllabus coverage.

What professional skills training do you provide for accountancy students?

The IFG Professional suite of skills courses are designed to support your accountancy studies, while diversifying your professional skillset and employability.

You can choose a premium package to gain access to a suite of skills courses, or choose them individually to create your own unique study journey.

Do you provide a study planner?

All our courses include both a study planner and a revision planner to help you organise your time and studies and allocate the appropriate amount of time to your course.

What do you mean by modular learning?

Modular, or bitesize, learning has been proven to be the most effective way for students to assimilate and retain information when studying. All our courses adopt a modular approach to learning, with shorter lectures, regular checkpoints and integrated question  practice.

What should I do if I can't study or take an exam as planned?

Sometimes delaying your studies or not being able to take an exam is unavoidable. When this happens, you need to review your plan and decide on one of two options. You could choose to take two exams in one sitting but if this feels like too much of a challenge, it may be better to spread your study plan out over a longer period. Once you’ve qualified and are reaping the rewards of your studies, a few extra months will not seem that significant.

I've just sat an exam. Should I wait for my result before starting to study for my next paper?

The simple answer here is no. There’s a six-week gap between finishing an exam and getting your result. So, whilst we would advise you to take a short break from studying in the week after you’ve finished your exam, this is valuable time you could be using to get well underway with your next paper.

What should I do if I fail?

First of all, don’t panic. It’s just one stumble in your overall journey. If you’ve already started studying for your next paper, what you do next will depend on the result you achieved. For example, If you only missed out by a few percent. We’d advise you to carry on with the new paper and plan in some extra time to revisit the paper you’ve failed. If you were more than 10% adrift on the paper you failed, put it to one side for now and focus on the new paper you’re studying for. There’s no reason why you can’t come back to it in the future. Therefore meaning you can succeed in another paper beforehand in order to build your confidence.