Foundations in Accountancy

ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 2)

ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 3)

ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4)

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Qualification (RQF Level 4)

ACCA Certificate in Financial Management (RQF Level 4)

Applied Knowledge

Business & Technology (BT)

Management Accounting (MA)

Financial Accounting (FA)

Applied Skills

Corporate & Business Law (LW GLO)

Taxation (TX-UK)

Financial Reporting (FR)

Performance Management (PM)

Financial Management (FM)

Audit & Assurance (AA)

Strategic Professional

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

Strategic Business Reporting

Advanced Financial Management

Advanced Performance Management (PM)

Advanced Audit & Assurance

Advanced Taxation (ATX-UK)


CIMA Certificate

BA1 Fundamentals of Business Economics

BA2 Fundamentals of Management Accounting

BA3 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

BA4 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance

CGMA Operational

E1 Managing Finance in a Digital World


F1 Financial Reporting

P1 Management Accounting

CGMA Management

E2 Managing Performance

F2 Advanced Financial Reporting

P2 Advanced Management Accounting

CGMA Strategic

E3 Strategic Management

F3 Financial Strategy

P3 Risk Management

Professional Skills

Academic Writing


Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

English for Accounting

Finance in Business

Foundations in Financial Mathematics

Global Financial Strategy

Investment Analysis

Recording Financial Transactions

Spreadsheet Fundamental Skills

Strategic Financial Management

Sustainable and Ethical Business Management