ACCA Resit Exams: Bouncing Back Stronger

May 22, 2023

Failing an ACCA exam can be a challenging experience, but it’s important to remember that setbacks happen to even the most dedicated and hardworking students. Instead of getting disheartened, it’s crucial to approach the situation with determination and a positive mindset. By taking the right steps and implementing effective strategies, you can turn your ACCA resit exam into an opportunity for growth and success. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and insights to help you prepare effectively for your resit and come out on top.

1. Learn from the Examiner’s Report:

One of the most valuable resources available to you when preparing for an ACCA resit is the examiner’s report. This report provides valuable insights into the marking process and highlights common mistakes made by students in previous exams. By studying the examiner’s report for your specific exam, you can gain a deeper understanding of where you went wrong and how to improve. Take the time to carefully review the report, paying attention to the areas where you struggled the most. This will help you identify the specific topics or concepts that require focused attention during your preparation.

2. Seek Personalized Guidance from Your Tutor

Your tutor is an invaluable resource during your ACCA resit preparation. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the subject matter and can provide you with personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs. Reach out to your tutor and schedule a one-on-one discussion to analyse your performance in the previous exam. Share the areas that you found challenging and ask for their advice on how to approach those topics more effectively. Your tutor will be able to provide you with strategies, additional study materials, and practice questions to enhance your understanding and boost your confidence.

3. Embrace Mock Exams for practice:

Practice is key to success, and this holds true for ACCA resit exams as well. Engaging in mock exams is an excellent way to simulate the real exam environment, identify your weak areas, and gauge your progress. Research has shown a clear correlation between the number of mock exams attempted and the chances of passing the actual exam. Mock exams allow you to identify difficult areas of the syllabus that you struggle with and allocate more time to focus on them. They also provide an opportunity to practice time management and get comfortable with the exam format. Consider enrolling in a revision course or online mock exam that provides comprehensive feedback and analysis to further enhance your performance.

4. Explore Additional Resources:

To broaden your understanding and gain diverse perspectives, it’s beneficial to explore additional resources beyond your regular study materials. Different tutors or online platforms may offer alternative explanations or techniques that resonate better with your learning style. Utilize resources such as YouTube channels, pre-recorded masterclass sessions, or revision courses to find new strategies and approaches that can bolster your understanding and problem-solving abilities. These resources often provide in-depth explanations, worked examples, and practice questions to further reinforce your knowledge.

5. Act Now:

Book Your Resit Exam: When it comes to resit exams, timing is crucial. While it may be tempting to take a break and gather yourself after a disappointing outcome, it’s important to book your resit exam as soon as possible. Procrastinating or delaying the booking can lead to a decline in knowledge retention and make it harder to regain momentum in your preparation. By booking your resit exam promptly, you create a clear timeline for your study plan and give yourself sufficient time to focus on the areas where you struggled previously. However, ensure you strike a balance and don’t neglect the topics you feel more confident about. Continuously revisiting all areas of the syllabus will help reinforce your understanding and prevent any knowledge gaps.


Facing an ACCA resit exam can feel overwhelming, but with the right mindset, effective preparation strategies, and utilizing available resources, you can bounce back much stronger and achieve the success you desire. Remember that setbacks are a natural part of the learning journey, and it’s essential to view your resit as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Remember our five key points for resit exams

  1. Learn from the Examiner’s Report
  2. Seek Personalized Guidance from Your Tutor
  3. Embrace Mock Exams for Practice
  4. Explore Additional Resources
  5. Act Now

Finally, keep in mind that everyone’s journey is unique, and success may take time. Stay committed to your goals and embrace the process of continuous learning and improvement. You have the ability to bounce back stronger, gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and ultimately succeed in your ACCA resit exam.

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Tom Coates